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Silk and Leather



Messing around on storenvy instead of cleaning my room womp womp.

TEFC Medieval Fringe Head Piece $22

TEFC Falling Vine Choker Necklace $34

Both from The Elite Fashion Club on storenvy.

I really love the hair chain. Now that my hair is long enough for accessories I’m ready to get some fun stuff to stick in it. I’ve seen the chain combs around on some other places and I rrrreally want a set.

The necklace is cool, too. I really like open front necklaces (I’m wearing my Ana Claudia Audubon necklace now actually).

Also guys, stuff gets hecka marked up on storenvy so it’s worth looking around the place for people selling the same thing for less.

You can get the first piece on for way less.

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let me burn.

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"Summer is Incumen In" (also known as "Summer Has Come In") (1902) (detail) by Herbert Arnould Olivier (1861-1952).

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Keira Knightley as Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire in The Duchess (2008).

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